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DarkSpear: The Prologue

Set in a dystopian near-future, where an environmentally-challenged earth is ruled by a global government, this romantic science fiction thriller is the first instalment in a series.

DarkSpear: The Prologue follows the edgy adventures of the smart, charismatic Katherine ‘Kitty’ Sato, a university student and volunteer test subject, who unexpectedly begins to manifest inexplicable surges

of genuine psi-gamma capability, traditionally called ESP.

Extensive research into parapsychology tests conducted at universities like Duke and Princeton, inspired the author and game design team to create and embed a scientifically credible test engine in the VN, which will actually evaluate a player’s psi-gamma levels and can be used to chart them.

What IS a Visual Novel?

For a start, Visual Novels (VNs) are fresh and exciting! They’re books you play/games you read, which evolved in East Asia and are now taking off in the West.

This cool, interactive storytelling medium is the cyber-era child of those old ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style books and games from the 1980s.

VNs combine text, original music, artwork and sound effects to create an immersive experience, and they let you, the reader/player, influence outcomes in the story's plot.

visual novel dark spear
DarkSpear protagonist, Kitty Sato
Dream, memory or vision?
What is DarkSpear's secret?


'I thought the story fantastic...really liked Kitty…love the whole concept behind it...the psychic abilities...the noir feel, the sense of imminent danger...the mixing of sci-fi and ancient mythology...wonderfully ambitious and I can see that this will be successful...beautiful writing and ability to create atmosphere and resonance shines…can so see it taking off - in the East and West...terrific mixture of old world/new; east/west and genres.'

Karen Brooks, author of The Brewer's Tale and The Curse of the Bond Riders trilogy, columnist and academic

'...really a digital innovation and a first. I have read/played it and although no gamester myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially testing out my PSI potential. As a talented storyteller Simon Higgins has brought a popular Japanese form of interactive reading and gaming into English…his aim to keep the textual novel reading experience alive and relevant for a generation of online gamesters is both noble and quite frankly, savvy. I am sure this is going to start a trend.'

Dr Chris Mooney-Singh, Director, The Writers Centre, Singapore