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The musical ‘Kingdom of the Green Crystal’ (Simon’s end was story and dialogue, musical numbers were by a veteran Chinese composer) was a great success! The eccentric homage to kids’ epics like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz enjoyed a well-attended, positively-reviewed season. This link takes you to a TV ad which shows flashes of the show itself, plus audience and foyer moments. Simon thanks all the actors, singers, dancers, ballerinas, jugglers, acrobats and musos involved! ❤


Check out Simon’s Youtube channel (link to it above, under the page header) for all 3 mini-vid instalments of this fun little homage to Chinese martial arts -and The Matrix, lol!

Meet Simon Higgins & Jenny Wang in Armidale, NSW in August 2019!

If you’re lucky enough to live in Australia’s lovely New England Region, or would like to combine visiting it with meeting Simon and his wife Jenny in August to study the craft of writing and/or manga + anime art, they’d love to see you! For more details and bookings: http://www.newc.org.au

Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night is here!

‘…fight scenes are gripping, prolific and told with undeniable authority…issues of difference and how to manage it positively, deftly propel the reader into another place and culture.’

Magpies: Talking About Books for Children, March 2019

Do you enjoy tales of feudal Japan, the Way of the Samurai and the Japanese spirit world? Internationally published and awarded Australian author, screenwriter and playwright Simon Higgins narrates this fascinating 2 minute documentary about his novel Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night.’ Just click here: https://youtu.be/fChbCSDnrEQ

Available through all good Australian bookshops or online from…



Angus and Robertson




Cocoa & Little Love: the play!

It’s February 2019 and rehearsals have just begun in China for Simon’s play ‘Cocoa & Little Love: Kingdom of the Green Crystal’! Simon and his wife Jen met the entire cast and production crew and he was stunned to see the characters he’d imagined finally brought to life! Simon commented that the producers had even followed his ‘weirder’ script annotations like ‘The inter-dimensional cat burglar team: wild hair, feline faces, costumes a cross between Lloyd Webber’s Cats and Bowie’s 1970s glam-rock Aladdin Sane style.’ The play combines pathos, comedy, puppetry, original songs, acrobatics, animation and laser technology to give young audiences a fast moving ‘other worldly’ adventure! 

Simon has been touched by all the enthusiastic FB messages and emails he’s received in the last few days, eagerly anticipating his comeback novel Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night. For all those asking about pre-ordering ahead of the March release, here’s a link to the convenient Dymocks online FOTN pre-ordering page, followed by the back cover blurb.


‘Shipwrecked at the far end of the world in a land at war.
Befriended by runaways fated to harrowing paths.
In constant danger from warriors, bandits and superstitious villagers who take his blue eyes and pale skin as proof that he’s a demon…

Young Daniel Marlowe and his Japanese ‘tomodachi’, his friends, Otsu and Kenji, are about to stumble into a stomach-knotting adventure where a ferocious public test of samurai virtue and a murder investigation will collide.

Their hazardous journey promises answers. The hope of being joyfully reunited, the risk of confirming loss. But the spirit world has its own part to play in their destinies, for someone -or something- waits watchfully in the ancient Forest of the Night.’

Now for some GREAT news.
As a writer of novels, Simon is finally back. After a long break  from authorship to carve out niches in other writing mediums, he’s finally able to present a sneak preview of the cover of his exciting comeback novel Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night, out March 3rd, 2019 courtesy of Eagle Books. FOTN’s stunning original cover and internal art is the work of THE Jenny (Yuxiao) Wang! This unique historical murder-mystery action thriller can be pre-ordered through any Australian bookstore; just mention that the distributor is Peribo. Want to know more?

‘Einstein spoke of imagination being more important than knowledge.
I’m sure most people would agree with me that we really need BOTH.
Reading, writing and storytelling, in all their forms, offer endless portals.
Grab some knowledge, flex your imagination and start making magic!’

-Simon Higgins


In June 2018, while filming for the animated/live action TV show ‘Cocoa & Little Love: Journeys in Guangxi’, Simon joined a Dong Mountain People’s village in Sanjiang (3 Rivers) County, China. Check out his experiences with community building, the Dong ritual welcome dance, tea picking and bartering. Enjoy also Simon’s ‘artistic differences’ with Director Jen. 🙂


Letter from Simon…

‘Across Australia, many school libraries are being stripped of their resources and qualified library staff.

This is a tragic cultural shift that will have dire consequences for the future of both education and creativity in Australia.

The power I now possess to write books, plays, screenplays, visual novels, poetry, even computer games, I directly attribute to the attention well-trained and dedicated librarians gave me during both primary and high school. I will be forever deeply grateful.

If you are a writer, artist, filmmaker, playwright, animator, poet, game creator, blogger, reader, teacher, librarian, parent or student, please be aware that the battle for the soul of Australia’s school libraries has already begun and needs your voice.

I sent a hologram in a droid, but Obi-Wan Kenobi is just not answering, so yes, you and I have to be that new hope. 🙂

Please read and share, as widely as you can, the short pdf found at the below link, which includes in bullet-point form what you can do, and together let’s help ensure a wiser, brighter, smarter future for all.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

Save Our Libraries

Simon is thrilled to announce that his next novel will be published in March 2019 by the dynamic Eagle Books press!

His wife Jen, digital artist, animator and creator of the Gemini Fables (Cocoa and Little Love) series, will handle the cover and internal artwork. Though totally a stand-alone adventure requiring no pre-reading, this novel will also be the first sequel to his hugely successful book Tomodachi: The Edge of the World…

Tomodachi: The Forest of the Night

Shipwrecked at the far end of the world in a land at war.

Befriended by runaways fated to harrowing paths.

In constant danger from warriors, bandits and superstitious villagers who take his blue eyes and pale skin as proof that he’s a demon…

Young Daniel Marlowe and his Japanese ‘tomodachi’, his friends, Otsu and Kenji, are about to stumble into a stomach-knotting adventure where a ferocious public test of samurai virtue and a murder investigation will collide.

Their hazardous journey promises answers. The hope of being joyfully reunited, the risk of confirming loss.

But the spirit world has its own part to play in their destinies, for someone -or something- waits watchfully in the ancient Forest of the Night.










The media beyond China has also discovered Simon and Jen’s work in Crane Animation and the Cocoa and Little Love TV series!

Here’s a very cool article by journalist Paul Hellard, published on VFX Science, about the rise and rise of two unlikely animated heroes who wear diapers and bonnets but have considerable wisdom and a host of talking, car-driving animal friends (as you do)…


For some more fascinating articles by Paul Hellard on the behind-the-scenes technology in science fiction, superhero and fantasy movies, check out his homepage!


Simon and his brilliant wife Jen have become darlings of the Chinese media over their work together in Crane Animation on the Gemini Fables series (known to 1.86 billion people in China as Kekexiaoai) and are the subjects of this Chinese news story. There are no English subtitles, but it’s pretty easy to get the gist: Simon the writer, and Jen the CEO, at work. If you’d like to see a fast-paced animated history of Gemini Fables, and enjoy some of the show’s 30 second episodes, then please just visit  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWjSx39N481YnFFnGcQ2CCA

DarkSpear is finally here!  Simon is delighted, in partnership with Chinese gaming company Lava Entertainment, to officially launch his first Visual Novel. He hopes you will enjoy the exciting full trailer on the book/game’s Official Page on this website AND your choice of totally free downloads! 

Darkspear play page

DarkSpear: a novel you play, a game you read, and a genuine test of your psychic powers. Do you dare to find out if YOU have scientifically measurable ESP? 

These expert reviews say it all:

‘I thought the story fantastic…really liked Kitty…love the whole concept behind it…the psychic abilities…the noir feel, the sense of imminent danger…the mixing of sci-fi and ancient mythology…wonderfully ambitious and I can see that this will be successful…beautiful writing and ability to create atmosphere and resonance shines…can so see it taking off – in the East and West…terrific mixture of old world/new; east/west and genres.’

Karen Brooks, author of The Brewer’s Tale and The Curse of the Bond Riders trilogy, columnist and academic

‘…really a digital innovation and a first. I have read/played it and although no gamester myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially testing out my PSI potential. As a talented storyteller Simon Higgins has brought a popular Japanese form of interactive reading and gaming into English…his aim to keep the textual novel reading experience alive and relevant for a generation of online gamesters is both noble and quite frankly, savvy. I am sure this is going to start a trend.’

Dr Chris Mooney-Singh, Director, The Writers Centre, Singapore

And check out some detailed praise for DarkSpear from an internationally famous artist who has worked for Stephen Spielberg and can do (as proven by video footage) what Leonardo Da Vinci was rumoured to be capable of: draw and paint with both hands, and at the same time!  🙂

‘Had me hooked from the start…lush painterly backgrounds and character art…very intelligent cyberpunk post-industrial story style. As both a traditional and digital painter, I was taken with the quality, the moody composition, the believable near-future architecture, interior design, and attractive characters.

Shades of all my favourite sci fi stories are here…dark, realistic and incredibly visionary near future…however this work is fresh, unique…and one of the coolest concepts, the ESP ability of hero Kitty and our involvement…we can test our innate abilities!

…out of four tests, I scored two scores of 7 and then two of 8 out of 25, thus being declared to have ESP abilities- Stoked!…and not one storyline but many! …that’s surprisingly intriguing, and lends another feeling of extrasensory involvement to the story…

….this exciting new work is an experience on many levels, very engaging and, at decision times, frankly, a little nerve-wracking.

Five stars from me!’

David Lovegrove, professional artist, writer and speaker

Editor’s Footnote: Mr Lovegrove’s corporate clients include Qantas and Emirates Airlines. He created concept art for Steven Spielberg’s WW2 TV series ‘The Pacific’ and the horror film ‘The Ruins’.  Also a kung fu expert.

Google him now! 

Like the expert reviews and want to know more?  🙂  

Jump to the DarkSpear Official Page right here…


DarkSpear Banner

Want a read that offers a sumptuous feast for the imagination, from a veritable ‘who’s who’ of Australian writers and poets? Sure you do. 🙂 Simon is honoured to have contributed to Rich and Rare, a beautifully illustrated anthology and Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book of the Year that features his new novella Tomodachi: The Silkworm and the Leaf (a standalone medieval Japanese adventure and prequel to his highly successful and critically-acclaimed novel Tomodachi: The Edge of the World). For more information and ordering, click here:

Ford Street Publishing Rich and Rare

12189955_918218474911231_2445404408988225854_n 687D8E221837542CC014374C19DED74A 25BC3E437E96E8292B05F17A6E5525A1

Check out this movie-quality teaser for Simon’s Moonshadow series. Moonshadow is coming!

To find out more about the Moonshadow books and read reviews, visit the Books page.

To learn where to order Moonshadow in your publishing territory or language, just Google or Baidu search the title and author.

And who IS Simon Higgins, in brief…?

Born in England, raised in Africa then South Australia, Simon Higgins is the author of critically acclaimed crime, adventure, and fantasy works. His historical tales are set in Asia, where he has lived, travelled extensively, studied and competed in martial arts contests. A former police officer, prosecutor and private eye, Simon’s work is read internationally, his publishers including Random House and the Hachette Group’s Little Brown, who brought the world Twilight.

Simon’s work includes 2 best-sellers, Thunderfish and Moonshadow: Eye of the Beast, 2 Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Books, and short-listings for both the Ned Kelly Crime Fiction and Aurealis Fantasy Awards. He has also won the Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Award. A keen traveller and believer in hands-on research, Simon speaks a little Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, holds a black belt in Iaido, and won 5th place in the sword art’s World Titles in Kyoto, Japan in 2008.

In 2010 he became an Ambassador for Asia Literacy under an Australian federal government scheme. In 2012 he spent time researching at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China, and in 2013 gratefully received an Australian Government, Endeavour Executive Fellowship to live and study screenwriting in China for two months.

He was later invited by Prime Minister Julia Gillard to attend a dinner held for her in Beijing. Simon was ‘honoured and thrilled beyond description’ by the whole experience.

Since then he has returned to China several times to work with colleagues in Guangxi Province  and co-write for China’s animated shorts TV series ‘Gemini Fables’. This cute ‘edutainment’ show is now viewed on over 1000 channels across Asia by around one fifth of the human race, and Simon feels ‘both humbled and proud’ to be creating ideas and story lines for such an ‘epic’ audience.

He is a big fan of Feng Shui and Kung Fu and loves accessing traditional Asian culture to inspire his action-adventure novels.

moonshadow 1 UK cover
Cover of the 2014  British edition of Moonshadow 1 published by Caboodle Books…

Simon’s ‘Quick Slice’ of Advice to Aspiring Writers

‘Ours is a wide, fascinating world, with volumes to teach anyone who’s open. So delve into the myths, legends, history, and energy of your own and other people’s cultures; there you’ll find rich and varied settings, viewpoints, story-lines, and endless quirky inspirations. Observe life closely, mining gems for characterization from among your friends, family, and the many souls who cross your path.’

His favourite recent quote…

I have never had to use martial arts skills in a real-life fight, and do not wish to, either. The greatest weapon is a smile and the largest power is love.

– Wushu Champion & Movie Star Jet Li

The Moonshadow Ninja Series

…for Readers in

Australia & New Zealand

‘Lightning-fast action and gripping intrigue. Higgins’s grasp of Japanese sword skills and spy craft is masterful!’

John Flanagan, Author of Ranger’s Apprentice

‘…thrilling and engaging…will excite young fantasy readers.’

Viewpoint Magazine, Spring 2008

‘…delivers the thrilling, stylish fight sequences that today’s young anime-literate readers demand…its foundation in authentic Japanese mythology, history and culture…Moonshadow is a terrific hero…a perfect formula for boys and girls aged 12 plus, mixing the best elements of anime, fantasy, spy thrillers and medieval action.’

Australian Bookseller + Publisher

…for Readers in the USA & Canada

Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja

‘Combining details about Japan’s early Tokugawa era and its warrior culture with action-packed, fantastical storytelling, Higgins crafts a thrilling tale of honour and friendship…move over, Alex Rider.’  Kirkus

‘…exhilarating opening sequence…nonstop action…the pacing is so intense…once drawn in by the opening words, “for glory or destruction,” readers will be satisfied by the length and polished writing and will look forward to forthcoming sequels.’  Booklist

‘Though action is at the core of this tale, Higgins also brings to it history, brains and heart.’  

Publishers Weekly

‘This adventure is part spy novel, part magic, and all fun.’ 

School Library Journal

Moonshadow: The Nightmare Ninja

‘…surprisingly good… as their mission began to unfold it was almost non-stop fighting…if you have any interest in ninjas, whatsoever, this book is definitely worth checking out…’ Well-Read Spartans

…an exciting adventure…a disgruntled gangster, a human battering ram, and a gifted dandy who can attack within the victim’s dreams…Higgins’s passion for medieval Japan comes across in his writing…action and mysticism combine to make a fun read…’ goodreads

…for Readers in Germany & Indonesia

Cover of the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Paradise Magazine, 2007

Simon Higgins on Saturday Disney

Appearing on Saturday Disney, 2008

Simon Higgins at University College School

Signing in at University College School, London, 2014…

University College School Visitor's Book

…in a Guest’s Book once used by a more distinguished speaker 🙂

The Real Hogwarts

Entering the real Hogwarts: Ermysted’s Grammar School, Skipton, UK, founded before 1492

Simon Higgins at the real Hogwarts

…and therein meeting the real Harry, Ron and Hermione, also in 2014 🙂

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