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Simon Higgins, in brief…

Born in England, raised in Africa then South Australia, Simon Higgins is the author of critically acclaimed crime, adventure, and fantasy works. His historical tales are set in Asia, where he has lived, travelled extensively, studied and competed in martial arts contests. A former police officer, prosecutor and private eye, Simon’s work is read internationally, his publishers including Random House and the Hachette Group’s Little Brown, who brought the world Twilight.

Simon’s work includes 2 best-sellers, Thunderfish and Moonshadow: Eye of the Beast, 2 Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Books, and short-listings for both the Ned Kelly Crime Fiction and Aurealis Fantasy Awards. He has also won the Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Award. A keen traveller and believer in hands-on research, Simon speaks a little Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, holds a black belt in Iaido, and won 5th place in the sword art’s World Titles in Kyoto, Japan in 2008.

In 2010 he became an Ambassador for Asia Literacy under an Australian federal government scheme. In 2012 he spent time researching at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China, and in 2013 gratefully received an Australian Government, Endeavour Executive Fellowship to live and study screenwriting in China for two months.

He was later invited by Prime Minister Julia Gillard to attend a dinner held for her in Beijing. Simon was ‘honoured and thrilled beyond description’ by the whole experience.

Since then he has returned to China several times to work with colleagues in Guangxi Province  and co-write for China’s animated shorts TV series ‘Gemini Fables’. This cute ‘edutainment’ show is now viewed on over 1000 channels across Asia by around one fifth of the human race, and Simon feels ‘both humbled and proud’ to be creating ideas and story lines for such an ‘epic’ audience.

He is a big fan of Feng Shui and Kung Fu and loves accessing traditional Asian culture to inspire his action-adventure novels.

moonshadow 1 UK cover
Cover of the 2014  British edition of Moonshadow 1 published by Caboodle Books, with a fabulous manga style cover by Chinese artist and animator Yuxiao Wang.


Simon’s ‘Quick Slice’ of Advice to Aspiring Writers

‘Ours is a wide, fascinating world, with volumes to teach anyone who’s open. So delve into the myths, legends, history, and energy of your own and other people’s cultures; there you’ll find rich and varied settings, viewpoints, story-lines, and endless quirky inspirations. Observe life closely, mining gems for characterization from among your friends, family, and the many souls who cross your path.’

His favourite recent quote…

I have never had to use martial arts skills in a real-life fight, and do not wish to, either. The greatest weapon is a smile and the largest power is love.

– Wushu Champion & Movie Star Jet Li


The Moonshadow Ninja Series

…for Readers in

Australia & New Zealand


‘Lightning-fast action and gripping intrigue. Higgins’s grasp of Japanese sword skills and spy craft is masterful!’

John Flanagan, Author of Ranger’s Apprentice

‘…thrilling and engaging…will excite young fantasy readers.’

Viewpoint Magazine, Spring 2008

‘…delivers the thrilling, stylish fight sequences that today’s young anime-literate readers demand…its foundation in authentic Japanese mythology, history and culture…Moonshadow is a terrific hero…a perfect formula for boys and girls aged 12 plus, mixing the best elements of anime, fantasy, spy thrillers and medieval action.’

Australian Bookseller + Publisher

Click Here to Order Moonshadow: Eye of the Beast

Click Here to Order Moonshadow: The Wrath of Silver Wolf

Click Here to Order Moonshadow: The Twilight War

…for Readers in the USA & Canada


Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja

‘Combining details about Japan’s early Tokugawa era and its warrior culture with action-packed, fantastical storytelling, Higgins crafts a thrilling tale of honour and friendship…move over, Alex Rider.’  Kirkus

‘…exhilarating opening sequence…nonstop action…the pacing is so intense…once drawn in by the opening words, “for glory or destruction,” readers will be satisfied by the length and polished writing and will look forward to forthcoming sequels.’  Booklist

‘Though action is at the core of this tale, Higgins also brings to it history, brains and heart.’  

Publishers Weekly

‘This adventure is part spy novel, part magic, and all fun.’ 

School Library Journal

Moonshadow: The Nightmare Ninja

‘…surprisingly good… as their mission began to unfold it was almost non-stop fighting…if you have any interest in ninjas, whatsoever, this book is definitely worth checking out…’ Well-Read Spartans

…an exciting adventure…a disgruntled gangster, a human battering ram, and a gifted dandy who can attack within the victim’s dreams…Higgins’s passion for medieval Japan comes across in his writing…action and mysticism combine to make a fun read…’ goodreads

Click Here for Ordering Options for Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja

Click Here for Ordering Options for Moonshadow: The Nightmare Ninja

…for Readers in Germany & Indonesia


Click Here to Order Moonshadow: Das Schwert Des Grauen Lichts

Click Here to Order The Young Ninja in Bahasa Indonesian

Cover of the Gold Coast Bulletin’s Paradise Magazine, 2007

Simon Higgins on Saturday Disney

Appearing on Saturday Disney, 2008

Simon Higgins at University College School

Signing in at University College School, London, 2014…

University College School Visitor's Book

…in a Guest’s Book once used by a more distinguished speaker :)

The Real Hogwarts

Entering the real Hogwarts: Ermysted’s Grammar School, Skipton, UK, founded before 1492

Simon Higgins at the real Hogwarts

…and therein meeting the real Harry, Ron and Hermione, also in 2014 :)

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